Accounting services

Many years of experience in administrative and accounting matters have allowed us to develop the most effective way to manage the finances of housing communities. By entrusting us with your accounting records, you can be sure that we will deal diligently with the verification of financial documents, tax settlements, debt collection, etc.

Ensuring the financial liquidity of the housing community is one of our main goals as a building manager and administrator. 

As part of comprehensive financial and accounting services for housing communities, we offer:

  • preparation of annual economic plans for properties,
  • preparation of information on property maintenance costs incurred,
  • settlement of accounts for property maintenance during the development phase,
  • supervision over the calculation and collection of fees due for advances on the economic plan and other receivables of the community,
  • access to e-files, including electronic voting on resolutions,
  • current records of the premises and settlement of costs with owners from the date of receipt of the premises,
  • keeping accounting and cost records in accordance with applicable regulations, based on the accounting act and the property ownership act,
  • settlement of accounts for utilities supplied to the common property and individual premises.