Maintenance and technical service

Keeping the building in good technical condition ensures not only its trouble-free use and a minimal risk of faults, but above all the safety of residents. We provide regular technical services for the property we manage and periodic maintenance of installations, so that we can quickly eliminate possible problems and prevent more serious faults. We strictly adjust technical and maintenance services to the needs of a given housing community.

As part of comprehensive technical and maintenance services, we provide:

  • periodic and technical inspections of the property,
  • site visits to the building, keeping records of faults,
  • supervision over the reporting of faults and monitoring of their timely repair,
  • management of the process of reporting and repairing defects and faults in the property,
  • supervision over the supply of utilities to the common property and services necessary for its proper functioning,
  • constant supervision over companies that maintain technical installations, and other service providers,
  • current maintenance, which includes: plumbing, electricity, ventilation, central heating, low-voltage, fire protection, general construction maintenance,
  • maintenance and storage of technical documentation of the property and site book (project log book),
  • round-the-clock technical emergency service.