We take over the responsibilities of the property administrator, supporting the management board of the housing community, developer or building owner in all types of time-consuming work.

While we take care of formal matters and settle issues related to property service, you gain valuable time and peace of mind. Rest assured that the building entrusted to us is in good hands and that the needs of its residents are being met as they arise.

As part of property administration, we provide:

  • day-to-day administration of the property in accordance with the law,
  • certified takeover of the full documentation of the property from the developer, previous manager or administrator and its archiving,
  • registration of a housing community, with the opening of a bank account and conclusion of insurance policies,
  • preparation of rules concerning organisation and order, rules on billing for utilities, the status of a housing community, property operating instructions, etc.
  • preparing, convening and conducting meetings of property owners,
  • creating draft resolutions, economic plans and calculations based on adopted resolutions,
  • supporting the board of the housing community as the property administrator,
  • cooperation with entities responsible for services affecting the quality of life of residents (e.g. waste collection, repairs and utilities),
  • presence of the administrator on the property, adequately to the needs of the owners of the premises and supervision over the proper functioning of the common property,
  • supervising work in the areas of cleaning, security, and maintenance of greenery,
  • maintenance of the documentation of the housing community in all areas,
  • all activities involving representation of the property owner,
  • constant contact with members of the housing community,
  • supervision over the supply of electricity, water and gas to the property, as well as sewage and garbage collection,
  • drafting of contracts and conduct of negotiations.